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About Ashish Kanungo

Ashish Kanungo is senior Digital strategist & Marketing consultant with 20+ years of experience. Ashish is passionate about digital marketing, bright ideas and business model innovation. Ashish has worked with small to large corporate,  agencies and research institutes such as Gate6, FCB, Netroute Media, Ciphergaming, iCRM and managed large digital transformation programs and innovation projects. He has a passion for data-driven marketing using marketing automation tools and sales CRM systems, and proven ability to setup and optimize ROI driven marketing campaigns and programs.

Ashish is a certified e-marketing analyst with proven ability in new business development and new technology.

For 16 years, Ashish has been served aat VP, Head or P&L level positions with  various e-commerce, e-business, corporate and e-CRM agencies  and businesses.

Ashish posses strong relationships with  external agencies/vendors, varying business leaders including online media, portals, verticals, advertising networks, Payment operators, marketing service providers, and other members of the digital and eCommerce value chain across several geographies .

Successfully executed various annual marketing plans driving profitable online customer acquisition campaigns, retention campaigns, online public relations/digital branding, e-referral, viral, social and other need based campaigns.

Managed sizeable teams across various markets including UK, US, Gulf, SEA, South Africa and India with a Global and regional focus.

Ashish Kanungo - Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional
Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional


I’m also a Charter Member of ICECC, Ashish Kanungo.

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